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Welcome to MindSource

For two decades, MindSource has worked with the best minds in the industry to cater to the needs of technology leaders for skilled resources. We have evolved by always sticking to our core values of remaining technically savvy, so that we can provide the most interesting high tech opportunities in the world to our consultants. From quality assurance jobs to quality engineer jobs or other careers in information technology, we can help you find that next great job opportunity. Since our founding, we have offered competitive compensation and a personalized face-to-face service like none other. We’ll offer our unending support throughout the hiring process, the engagement and your career path.

Our Assignments

Our assignments allow you to work with emerging technologies in hot startups or larger initiatives with big name companies. Our clients insist on the brightest minds, and our consultants drive us to find some of the most interesting and challenging high tech work out there.

We stay current with industry to meet the ever-changing requirements for talent in technology. By staying close to the cutting edge, we are able to provide you with technically challenging opportunities, and a promising career path. We provide a way for you to keep that edge through educational opportunities like our Birds of a Feather sessions.

The Best Gigs

More than a Job

Given the demand for technology experts, there is no reason for top caliber talent to settle for an average job. But getting a great gig is predicated on your ability to understand the market and find the opportunities that match. Being a consultant gives you the choice to work on challenging assignments of various lengths within a broad spectrum of technology.

Working with MindSource means that you are introduced to multiple engineering, quality assurance and IT job opportunities that you can choose accordingly. We offer continuity between assignments and generous benefits.

Contract or Regular Employment?

Recent employment data reveals that regular salaried positions last an average of 18 months. The trends for consulting (either as a W2 or corporation) are blending with regular salaried employment as employees move more freely between these employment modes.

With contracting, clients seeking flexible workforce options commit to specific lengths of time; many over a year, and some last for many years. Contracts generally pay better than regular salaried positions and can include benefits, depending on how you decide to work with us.

The commitment to choose between contract or regular salaried should be seen in the light of navigating towards options. A number of our engagements begin as a contract and convert to regular salaried employment, usually pending a review.

W2 Contracting

The bar for Silicon Valley consultants is high, but for the right candidate, we offer a flexible career path with an exciting trajectory in fast-paced, demanding work environments within inter-meshing technologies. Our business principles are centered on maintaining a work-life balance for all of our employees. Have a look at the benefits we offer our W2 consultants. Looking for a form?

Consultant Corporations

Corporation-to-Corporation Consulting is on the rise as individuals plan for their financial well being. People with a knack for business often want to take that step to move deeper into professional consulting, and begin planning their careers for the long haul.

Many long-lasting friendships have emerged as individual consultants join to form enduring consultant practices. Those seeking to start their own consulting practices find value in partnering with MindSource as our sales group maintains a pipeline of long-term jobs. These corporations often include a team of employees who have found they enjoy working together. Owning your own corporation is not for everyone. If you are considering forming a corporation, your first step should be to review the requirements mandated by the state and federal governments.

Regular Salaried Employment

Regular Employment is also known as “permanent employment” that is, you working directly for the client and not for MindSource. The MindSource Search Division is chartered by our clients to fill key roles within the organization swiftly with the promise to present only highest caliber individuals. Every day we perform searches for engineering managers, architects and software developers for both leading startups and Fortune 100 clients. Frequently, we place entire teams. Many opportunities include important perks such as stock options and superior health benefits. With MindSource, you can be assured that your next step in the journey of your career matches your interests and objectives.

Find not just your next job, but your next great opportunity with MindSource. We provide qualified candidates with rewarding engineering careers, information technology careers and quality assurance job opportunities with Silicon Valley’s top employers. Search our jobs or contact us today!

Thousands of Companies

MindSource has worked with over a thousand companies since we started in 1994. Our account team reaches out to hundreds of companies each month to find the best jobs out there for you. It’s that constant effort that leverages our network of hiring managers combined with scoping out new opportunities as they emerge, often months or quarters before the job becomes open.