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The Onboarding Process

1. Apply

Consultants submit their resumes and portfolios via our website.

2. Internal Interview

The Mindsource team will interview every consultant and will decide which opportunities fit the consultants preferences and skills. We will get the consultants in front of the decision makers of the opportunity that interest them. 

3. Onsite Interview

Once the key decision makers decide that our consultants fit their needs, the consultants will be scheduled for an on-site interview.

4. Offer

After the decision makers make a decision, we extend the job offer on behalf of the client to our consultants. A Mindsource project manager will start the onboarding process at the same time by conducting background checks on the selected consultants.

5. Acceptance & Assignment

When the consultant moves forward with the engagement, the project manager will guide him further through the onboarding process. This includes and is not limited to payrolling, benefits, issuing equipment, setting up IT, gaining access to the clients site and developing and planning the engagement’s scope. Through the engagement the Mindsource team will periodically check and receive status reports from the consultant and client to ensure that the project is on time and budget. 

6. Wrap Up

Once the first Statement of Work is completed, the MindSource team works with the client and the consultant to determine the next stage in the project. Often, this means the engagement moves on to the next stage and the consultant is retained on the project for another set of deliverables.  On average, MindSource consultants are on assignment for 10 months. However, if the project’s scope is deemed completed by the client, the consultant, the client, and the MindSource team will go through the debriefing process, facilitating the necessary transfer of knowledge and documentation that needs to occur. The MindSource team will then work with the consultant once again to find their next assignment.

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