Mechanical Engineer V (Senior Mechanical Engineer)

  • Contract
  • Anywhere

Job Title: Senior Mechanical Engineer
Location: Cupertino, CA – Onsite
Duration: 1 year contract – Fully onsite
Pay Range: $107 to $112 Hourly

Key Qualifications
• 10+ years of broad mechanical engineering/design experience.
• Experience using a wide array of materials including metals, polymers,
adhesives, and glass.
• Broad understanding of available manufacturing processes. You should have
the knowledge and experience to select the most appropriate manufacturing
process based on functional requirements, volume, lead time, and cost.
• Excellent mechanical engineering and design skills, with broad crossfunctional experience, and demonstrated technical leadership.
• Familiarity with the design, operation, and maintenance of modern
automobiles is essential. You should be confident in your ability to make
modifications in a thoughtful fashion without compromising normal function or
• Familiarity with electrical circuits, common electrical components, and best
practices for electronic packaging is required. You should be comfortable
sizing cables, connectors, and components and be adept at the use of
common electrical measuring equipment.
• Experience with cable design and sourcing; Conductor/insulation types,
shielding, connectors, IP rating and testing, and best practices for EMI/EMC.
• Experience with developing and implementing reliability test plan as required
to ensure system reliability.
• Ability to manage international regulatory requirements/testing.
• Ability to effectively manage the efficient operation of R&D machine shop and
• Excellent skills for communicating with your immediate team, technical leads,
cross-functional partners, vendors, and executives.
• Expert level use of 3D CAD (detailed part design, assemblies, components,
and drawings.) Siemens NX is preferred.

You will manage the end-to-end design, development, validation, production and
deployment of data collection vehicles and systems. You will manage a small local team and work with a talented global multifunctional team to design next-generation data collection systems. Your designs will combine state-of-the-art sensors into systems with mechanical elements to meet functional requirements with a high degree of durability and reliability. As such you will be responsible for management of:
• Thermal loads
• Structures and enclosures.
• Power source and protection.
• Environmental; Water/moisture ingress, UV, corrosion.
• Shock and vibration.
• Mechanical – rigidity, static and fatigue loads.
• Cable/connector specifications and design.
• Assembly and maintenance efficiency.
• Global homologation/certification.

You should have experience working with a variety of materials and manufacturing processes and understand the tradeoffs of each. You will use this knowledge to make informed decisions on material and process selection given functional requirements, volume, cost, and lead time.
Global homologation/certification requirements vary by region. Hardware must be designed with homologation requirements in mind such that costly redesign is not required. You will be the main technical contact with global vendors and certification authorities and will facilitate all testing and certification activities.

A significant part of the work we do is adapting our data collection systems to production vehicles. You should have an in-depth technical knowledge of modern automobiles as well as trends in the automotive market since you will be a key decision maker in future vehicle selections. Further you should have the technical skills and confidence to perform repairs and maintenance, access and diagnose electrical systems, and remove/replace components. Vehicle modifications required to support data collection system operation must be thoughtfully designed to be simple, reversible, and able to be performed by local teams with average technical skills and English proficiency.

You should have the skills and experience to operate basic metalworking and
fabrication equipment: Mill, lathe, sheet metal equipment, welder, etc.
You will be responsible for defining and maintaining a document control system
including storage, access levels, and revision control for drawings and all technical documents.

Hard skills:
1. Manufacturing Experience
2. Design Experience
3. 3D CAD Experience

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