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Job Title: Program Manager II (AMR Logistics PM) (Job Ref# 25995824)
Pay Range on W2 Hourly: $59 – 64 +MindSource benefits
Job Location: Austin, TX
Duration: 12 months+ (possibly extended)
No. of positions:

Job Description:
Need a Program Manager to manage the coordination and prioritization of various business critical logistics projects.
Program Manager (DC Operations)
Role: Program Manager focused on projects impacting DC Operations 
Job type: Full-Time Contractor (40 hrs / week) 
Business justification:

A voice and advocate for logistics projects – to ensure the organization’s needs are being met and the tools/onboarding/processes are in-line with business objectives.
DC Ops has many projects inflight and in queue – both capital funded and non-cap funded.
PMO has line of sight to all the various projects across the org and can help facilitate efficiencies in resourcing, tools, and prioritization. 
This individual will act as facilitator of informed decision making by:
Influencing and stitching together ideas, projects within the organization, and teams 
Identifying tools/process efficiencies to optimize resources and expedite business solutions
Implementing a project in-take process to enable visibility, prioritization, and tracking
Providing updates to leadership on required pipeline decisions, information/resourcing challenges, and projects status updates
Types of Projects: 
1.)  3PL Non-Capital Projects (all Projects requiring 3PL IT development and other resources): 25-30 hrs/week
Work closely with DC Ops, BPR and 3PL contacts to prioritize and resource manage the backlog of projects that require 3PL I development hours.
Job duties include:
Process Mapping:

Understand which projects are being worked by 3PL IT and what is in pipeline; get 3PL IT developers onboarded to Wrike process to track projects that organization is getting billed for each month. 

Align with BPR: Ensure there is alignment across the teams on business objectives and what projects need higher priority than others. Ensure Wrike is being used to track progress of these projects (including hours billed, etc).
3PL Engagement: Stitching together the projects and working with the 3PL IT dev team to get visibility into their process for delivering on pieces that are prioritized. Understand timeline for completion, etc. 
Communication: Providing regular updates to DC ops leadership on the status of projects as well as closing the loop on information gaps. 
Meetings: Setting weekly touch points with both BPR and 3PL contacts
2.)  DC Operations Internal Projects: 4-5 hrs/week
Be the main liaison between go and BPR on approved projects, work with BPR on timeline updates and risk, help to communicate any pertinent info to Fino and team. 
Gather Requirements: Meet with track SMEs and other stakeholders to understand project needs and help translate those requirements to BPR / XF Dev teams.
Provide Scope Guidance: Help communicate BPR Scope and Business Requirements (via SME feedback) 
Align with WW teams: Bring visibility to the region from WW teams on any aspect of the project that require regional feedback or will impact the region’s operations.
Be a voice for the region and work with BPR to incorporate into project scope. 
Close Loop Communication: Bring back any updates or feedback requirements to greater log leadership team for consideration from dev teams
Stitch Log teams: Bring various Logistics teams together to ensure defined requirements meet each team’s needs and the overall org vision. 
3.) PMO General Update Meetings/Calls: (5-6 hours/wk)
Detail: Join weekly functional team staff meetings, AdHoc working sessions, Discovery Calls, Weekly sync meetings with management / BPR, and weekly project update meetings on Tues (BPR/3PL)/Thurs (with greater Log/BPR leadership, DS, etc.)

Job Ref# 23-00620

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